This last year or so has been very hard for many people, and death and despair have been lurking in our consciousness more than usual.

Unlike so many who find isolation difficult, I am truly blessed to be able to make things. Being made to stay at home was such a huge piece of luck for me. I have always struggled with guilt around the issue of work and as a consequence I have put paid work ahead of my creative career. The greatest artists are always those who dedicate themselves to the “journey” and stick with it. If you keep stepping off the path, or taking a different direction, you lose the thread of the journey.

The last 18 months is the first time in my life that I was able to stay on the path every day and move through the hurdles of creating something worthwhile.

Seagarden Studio

Oil painting is a very complex technical process. I used to think that you just slapped the paint on and because the colours were so intense and reflective that it would work. Through many mistakes and consequent research I learned more about this incredible material. It’s my plan to share this journey with you through these news pages.