I recently did an interview with The Grapevine, the well-known and very popular free monthly magazine circulated around West Cork and South Kerry, which appeared in their July 2021 edition.

You can read it here;

Barbara, can you tell me how you came to be living so far from Australia?
My father Roy Harvey, used to always be telling us about Ireland, and how we were distant relatives to the leader of the Rebellion on Vinegar Hill in 1798. And even though my dad never got here, Ireland was always the backdrop of our lives in Australia.

I came over here with a backpack in the early eighties and I’ve been dreaming of coming back ever since.

You’ve lived in a lot of different places, why is that?
Oh, you know. Life has lots of twists and turns.

I was blessed (or maybe cursed) with having two all-consuming passions; art and horses.

My husband and I owned and managed a world-class horse trekking business in the Rocky Mountains. Then I got into dressage and started competing. I found out along the way that both endeavours require total commitment. So, I made the decision to give up the horses and devote more time to developing my ideas and skills in painting. We always have to give up something to get something, I’ve found.

Why West Cork, the home of The Grapevine?
The wildness of it attracts me. The drama of the stones and mountains.

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