An artist studio in Glengarriff, most artists can only dream of having a dedicated space here that they can go to for privacy and inspiration. After decades of using garages, barns, bedrooms, kitchen tables or classrooms to make her art, Barbara finally has her own studio which was originally a sad old, dark, damp shed.

The doors were heavy wood and were rotting on the edges. The roof leaked and the walls grew interesting fungi and mould. It had one small window which was too high to see out of. Slowly she and her husband have turned the old shed into a bright, light-filled space with a large window which looks out into the magnificent garden. The old wooden doors were recently replaced by french doors which let in more light and secure the space from damp and drafts. It is a sanctuary for a creative life.

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The Studio in 2019

Artist Studio in Glengarriff
The Studio in 2021, a lot brighter!